About Me

Hi, I’m Mark.

I grew up fascinated with art, puzzles, and robots. Today, that has turned into a passion for design, creative problem-solving, and a pretty sweet vintage robot collection. I have a BFA in Commercial Art (Graphic Design) from the University of Central Missouri—which I cherish for the foundation it has provided—and the great memories. I have always gravitated toward leadership roles and some great mentors have helped me refine that natural ability through guidance and training. I have years under my belt successfully directing and managing people, projects, and workloads. I’m a proven self-starter with an eye for detail and some serious time management skills. I’m really good with technology and wielding it as a creative tool. And through education and experience, I’ve gained a wide technical skill set that ranges from hands-on fine arts craftsmanship—to ninja status in many Adobe creative cloud applications.

Am I who you are looking for? Maybe. Let’s figure it out together.

Resume  |  p2_creative@me.com  |  813-428-2852  |  LinkedIn