KC Pocket Schedule

Royals pocket schedule and display box

2009 Kansas City Royals pocket schedule and matching display box. 2009 showcased a newly renovated stadium and was the Royals 40th anniversary season. Many of the pieces designed for this season, including this one, called out those historic milestones.

Under the Bigtop art book

A Series of 25 digital/analog mix artworks featuring people of the KC advertising community as members of the circus in a bygone era. This was a collaboration with Photographer, Thomas Gibson with a large art exhibit as the culmination of the work. The book was sold at the event and then later used as a promotional piece for the studio. Thom and I developed the concepts and executed as a mix between analog and digital photography and heavy photo manipulation.  The event was a success–two of the pieces were featured in the LA Workbook, and the book design was awarded a Silver ADDY.

Under the Bigtop book and selections


Boulevard Billboards and Ads

In partnership with alternative process photographer Thomas Gibson, we independently conceptualized and produced work advertising a local KC brewery. After producing several samples, we presented our work to their Marketing team and were awarded a full campaign. This campaign ran as outdoor and print, mostly in new markets as an introduction to the brand. The images are heavily composited from a mix of digitally captured photos and images captured via wet plate collodion. The concepts came from a place a whimsey, and the execution connected imagination with available imagery. For instance, the deep-sea diver in the first piece is actually an image of me balancing on an apple box wearing coveralls, gloves, a catchers vest, and a rented brass diving helmet. This work was awarded a silver Addy.


Annual Elite Award Illustrations

The ELITE culture program exists to reward top performers with an annual themed celebration. Part of the award is a poster with the likeness of each recipient as a character from the theme. This particular year’s theme was Greek Mythology. From there I proposed characters with stories that aligned with each person’s accomplishments as noted in their nominations. After the characters were approved and finalized, I created and presented rough sketches for concept and style approval. The final versions, shown below, were created in Adobe Illustrator. Each piece was produced as a 16″ x 24″ print–which was mounted to foam core and covered with matte laminate for durability. They helped create a memorable and meaningful event for a deserving group associates.