Project Objective
Redesign a website to be more transactional, improve user engagement, and increase conversions. offered great content on the subject of personal finances, but it generated revenue solely through qualified leads for credit card companies. The initial site design was so focused on presenting the content that there were virtually no monetized calls to action outside of the landing pages. So revenue goals were not met.

When I was asked to rethink this site, I saw a real opportunity for positive change. My discovery process yielded four principal obstacles to revenue. Minimal understanding of user needs, a high bounce rate, no monetization efforts for content, and a site design focused on generating the wrong action.

To answer these challenges, I designed an interactive Credit Card Wizard that provided an explicit user action and produced better insight into user interest and demographics. I redesigned the article template with interstitial links for related content, strategic ad placement, and an improved presentation of content. I also created a fresh design for the homepage, which introduced movement, a human connection, clear CTAs, pointed positioning copy, and more focus on engaging content types. 

The changes did successfully increase conversions, but the learning gained from the wizard revealed that the traffic was underqualified for most available offers, which led to a significant pivot in advertising strategy.
What I did
Initial UX Wireframes
High-Fidelity UI Design Mocks
Scripted and Designed The Card Wizard
Wrote New Positioning Copy
Created Optimized Graphics
Built Homepage Video
Home page mocks created in Adobe XD: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Viewports
Mocks of the Card Wizard steps
Article template mocks created in Adobe XD
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