Project Objective
Connect staff in multiple locations to the brand and mission in a tangible way. 

With locations in Tampa, New York, and Clearwater—keeping staff engaged with the brand ideals was a challenge. To foster a more tangible and immersive brand experience, I developed an environmental branding strategy that employed the installation of large scale pieces serving as daily reminders to the UMA purpose, focus, and character. 
What I did
Concepts and Mocks
Presentation for Leadership/Budget Approval
Final Designs for Production
Some Installation

In this video you can see some of the pieces created in support of this strategy at the Tampa headquarters like column wraps and name cards (0:17, 0:56), the academic seal wall (0:20), values wall art (0:23), a student quotes wall wrap and poster acrylics (0:45), and the dimensional photo wall (1:27). 
This video is a fun time-lapse of members of my team, and I building an immense logo from legos for display in the marketing area. This piece was created to serve as a reminder to the marketing staff of the responsibility for continually building the UMA brand.
Here is gallery of just a few of the installations.
This gallery is a few of the mocks I created for a proposal for the new New York office.
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