Project Objective
Build a brand that connects with potential students, influencers, employers, and UMA faculty & staff.

Before I joined in 2013, there was no consistency in the UMA visual brand or voice. All creative requests were outsourced directly to freelancers working without a shared asset library or any brand guidelines. The result was a collection of wildly disparate ads and marketing collateral and zero brand equity for a school in business since 1994. 
I opened this years-long project with a full audit of all current ads,  collateral, and websites then pulled all creative projects back in-house. One of my first projects was a UMA logo refresh and usage guide, which established a new framework for consistency. I partnered with leaders, influencers, and stakeholders to understand their goals and to help them recognize the value of brand equity. I researched our audience then developed a comprehensive brand guide and asset library around speaking to them. To finish off this initial phase, I implemented a rolling change for all branded materials identified in the audit to manage creative resources and minimize spend. 
These efforts resulted in an excellent foundation for the UMA brand, and a new institution-wide appreciation of the value of branding and creative. The consistency and centralization of creative permitted logo registration, enabling the ability to protect the brand legally and the standards have guided all branded efforts since late 2013. With this success, the creative team was able to grow from one person (just me) into a 6+ person creative team, and a separate three-person web development team. 
What I did
Logo Design
Brand Guide
Style Guide
Business Set
Marketing Collateral
Print & Digital Ads
Website Design
Landing Pages
Social Media Branding
Environmental Graphic
Video Branding
Package Design
Direct Mail
Email Design
So Much More
Brand Guide Section Samples 
Student Testimonial Sample
Program Brochure Sample 
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