Project Objective
Announce new leadership, acknowledge change, energize, and realign a 2,000+ person company.

UMA was embarking on a transitional period. A change in ownership had just had occurred, leadership was shifting, and fast growth had reduced a shared institutional knowledge base. With a need to build that knowledge back up, reengage staff in a shared vision, and say goodbye to departing leadership while introducing a new president—the idea of a company-wide event was born.
When I was asked to work on this event, I was thrilled with the opportunity. I joined the mostly c-level committee and worked tirelessly to create an engaging video-driven experience. I pitched three different concepts, including one called "MOMENTUMA." The idea behind it was a celebration of the moments in UMA history that created the momentum driving an exciting future. This idea drove both the visual language and the content.
I was part of every piece of the planning, from budget and transportation to internal communications and event messaging. The highlight video below provides a glimpse of the scale and experience. The other videos are a taste of the storytelling content created for it.
The MOMENTUMA event was a huge success. Much of the content developed for it was integrated into new hire orientation, and the event is still referenced positively by staff today. 
What I did
Event Logistics and Planning
Event Name and Theme
Event Visual Branding

Presentation Design
Signage Design
Swag Design

Video Scripting
Video Editing

AV and Video Vendor Management
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