Project Objective
Expand brand reach to a high-potential, but non-traditional audience. Increase presence on YouTube.  

The Feed and Fun Fast Feed Facts were a concept I developed with my team to increase the reach of the UMA brand outside of our traditional student audiences. New high school graduates were an expensive group to pursue, and we had limited success with them in the past. This concept was designed to reach them organically through video distributed via social media channels. The content was humorous, and sometimes gross, but delivered health-related knowledge and fun facts in an entertaining way. 
The production quality was kept relatively low in an attempt at perceived authenticity, which also allowed for a minimal budget and swift creation. The entire series, which posted bi-monthly, was 100% produced in house with available talent. 
I also used this content to fuel my YouTube overhaul strategy, which resulted in a 71% increase in subscribers and allowed UMA to gain YouTube partner status. 
What I did
Scripts and Script Approval 

Some Editing
Occasional On Camera Talent
Here are a few of my favorites.
Playlist with 25 of the videos from the series
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