Project Objective
Refresh the MoneyMutal brand to help it reconnect with its audience after parting with a longtime spokesperson.

MoneyMutal, a national consumer brand offering personal loan lead aggregation, needed a refresh after parting with its longtime spokesperson, Montel Williams. The change in brand strategy created significant issues with all existing pieces requiring near brand dormancy and in declining revenue.
I began my discovery process by examining the positive traits the former spokesperson had brought to the brand. Through this process, I developed these new guiding points for the brand: authority, trust, and compassion. From there, I performed an audit of all existing brand assets and defined new brand standards with the belief that there was still some brand equity remaining. After completing a total rewrite and redesign of all existing pieces, I moved on to developing new tv spots, a browser-push strategy to complement marketing automation efforts, and a Google My Business profile to combat competitors squatting on branded search terms.
Organic and direct traffic to the site increased after the relaunch, and browser-push proved to be a very productive revenue-generating tactic.
What I did
New Brand Standards
Initial UI/UX Wireframes
High-Fidelity Design Mocks
Web-Optimized Graphic Assets
All-New Website Copy
TV Spots
All-New Email Copy
New Email Template Designs
Welcome Video
Motion Graphics
Browser-Push Automations
Project Management

30 second TV Spot created completely in house.  
Home page mocks created in Adobe XD: Desktop & Mobile Viewports. Live version with welcome video can be seen at    
Home page mocks created in Adobe XD: Desktop & Mobile Viewports.
Email A/B test template mocks created in Adobe Photoshop.
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