Project Objective
Capitalize on a friendly rivalry to engage fans and increase in-stadium All-Star ballots cast for Kansas City Royals players.

With the 2009 All-Star game being held in St. Louis, the Kansas City Royals wanted to ensure a strong presence of players and fans for it. With this goal in mind, I created a campaign that played to the storied I-70 rivalry, drove an increase in ballots cast for Royals players, and was an engaging activity for fans. The promotion was held during 12 different home games starting at the end of May. The fans would take their promotional passports to each of the five balloting booths located around the stadium. If they turned in 25 ballots at each, they earned a stamp, as well as promotional items like beads, baseball cards, and a t-shirt. They also received an entry in a sweepstake for game-used items and the use of an All-Star suite. 

One Royals player was selected for the All-Star roster, and the campaign was well-received by fans. You can even still catch a few of the shirts being worn at the K when the Cardinals are in KC. 
What I did
Initial Concept
Campaign Logo
Booth Banners and Graphics
Promotional Baseball Card
Promotional Passport
Campaign logo and Art created for the promotion
Promotional baseball card set. These were also used as posters in the stadium.
Numbered balloting booth graphics 
Campaign passport
Promotional Campaign T-shirt
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