Project Objective
Redesign a website to improve user engagement, and increase conversions.

When I joined UMA in 2013, the high-value .edu website did not meet the needs of students, or their potential employers. Its design and technology were dated, and it was inconsistent in branding with the marketing that was pointing back to it. I started with small steps on the existing site, like changing Flash slideshows to Jquery, creating consistency with the logos, graphics,  colors, and language. But that was just a temporary fix. The real solution was a total responsive redesign and rewrite of the site with a mobile-first design approach. Five primary personas were identified, and the site copy and architecture were crafted around them. The UI design was aligned with current brand standards, and the UX design plan included adopting current technologies that delivered better speed and security.  The results after launch were a significant decrease in bounce rate, improved time on page, more organic traffic, and a fulfilled goal of improved conversion rates
What I did
Initial UX Wireframes
High-Fidelity UI Design Mocks for the Entire Site
Created Optimized Graphics and Videos
Built Homepage Video

UMA Home - Desktop Viewport
Sample Program Page - showcases program overview video and program specific testimonials.
UMA Employer Section - Desktop Viewport
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